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The DSD Team

Dipl.-Ped. Andreas Benjak - Headmaster

Music and language – two of Man’s evolutionary abilities that have determined our culture and fascinated me ever since I was a child. The first became a passion and the second my profession. Since completing my university degree in educational science, I have taught at a number of rehabilitation and professional further education institutions. My curiosity for the world has brought me together with a wide range of cultures. Today I am in a position to teach people from all over the world about my native language, my country and my culture. To teach others while learning something new oneself at the same time, to be an initiating and creative part of Man’s education process - that is what motivated me to found the DSD in 2006, which I have been running ever since.

Kathrin Sterner - DaF Teacher / Course Instructor

I always strive for jobs that I enjoy. Without harmony, without me! As a person, I can influence the lives of those around me. In terms of this responsibility, I have a strong need to promote education in a targeted manner. First and foremost, I want to be a relief. My key to success is to set an example of authenticity, which made intuition my greatest gift. I like to impart knowledge with empathy and patience. Working with people is very close to my heart. That's why I am committed to a fair world, both professionally and privately. Especially in the field of intercultural communication, this is the best possible for me. I have other interests in mathematics, philosophy, art and music, which I like to pursue interdisciplinary.

Ekaterina Konovalova - DaF Teacher / Course Instructor

  • German Studies at the Universität Leipzig
  • DaZ-teacher at the Euro-Schule Halle/Saale
  • German teacher at the Psycho-social Centre for Migrants in Sachsen-Anhalt

Rita Toth - DaF Teacher / Examiner

As a freelance lecturer in the field of languages (German, Hungarian) I collected valuable experience in adult education. I have internalized the importance and diversity of communication between teacher and student from the ground up. Through many years of creative teaching, I was able to develop my distinct strengths: the independent, well-organized way of working, the clear but fine communication, the openness and the gift to feel familiar between different cultures and to move linguistically mobile. These strengths are completed by my positive attitude towards life and my friendly personality.

Mahmoud Goha - DaF Teacher / Examiner / Translator & Interpreter

  • Teaching activity in DaZ and integration courses
  • Research Associate / DaF Lecturer, Department of German Studies,
    Phil. Faculty of al-Alsun, University of Minia, Egypt
  • B. A. German studies, Islamic theology and Arabic studies,
    Phil. Faculty al-Alsun, University of Minia, Egypt
  • M. A. German studies, University Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt
  • Double-Degree Master "Western and Eastern languages and literatures", Universities of Bremen, Palermo and Porto